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Alys WebberAlys Webber

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), American Studies

Certificate in American Indian Studies
B.A. in Humanities, cum laude, WSU, Vancouver
B.A. in Social Sciences, WSU Vancouver

Alys previously taught American Cultures (cross listed as American Studies/Women’s Studies/English/History 216) at the Pullman Campus.

Much of her research is grounded in genealogy, for which she (and several family members) recently did my DNA, as part of her journey in discovering her American Indian heritage.  Some of her genealogical research has been presented at the Clark County Genealogical Society forum. Genealogical research has framed her educational pathway through on-campus and distance learning courses in American, Canadian, Scottish/Celtic, and American Indian Studies.

Her research centers on cultural interactions between resident (native) populations and immigrant populations and those populations and the environment; particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

She has conducted research and presented on such topics as Pioneer Cemeteries, Scotland, the Hudson’s Bay Company, and Kanakas (Hawaiians). Other research interests include the Seven Years or French & Indian War, attitudes towards women/marriage in the fur trade, and Public History.


  • “Scottish Fur Traders and their American Indian Wives,” Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) and the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Spring 2017 Symposium, Vancouver: Layers of History on the Columbia River

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