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Diana Sequeiros ZanabriaDiana Sequeiros Zanabri

Graduate Student, Spanish

Diana Sequeiros Zanabria was born in Peru, in the city of Cusco – a beautiful cobbled street-city with a golden past – which is one of the most appealing world touristic destinations in South America. This is where she spent most of her life in this multicultural city full of visitors from all over the world, which only ended up enhancing her curiosity to study other cultures, languages and traveling. In 2010, she graduated with a Bachelor in Tourism from the University Andina of Cusco and in 2011 complete her major as a Licensure in Tourism and Business Management from the Universidad San Antonio Abad del Cusco in Peru. Diana has been studying English as a Second Language for many years, which ended it up achieving her goal to study abroad her home country.

Diana is currently pursuing a Master’s in Hispanic Studies here at Washington State University as a start of her lifelong dream to become an official translator in the United Nations Headquarters, here in the United States. She considers this as part of her small contribution to bring people and towns all over the planet closer together, achieving worldwide cooperation and becoming an international ambassador of the ancient and millenary Inca culture, which will allow her to contribute to the touristic and social development of Peru, her home country.


Office: Thompson Hall 219

Telephone: (509) 335-5092