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Svetlana Kushnerchuk.Svetlana Kushnerchuk

Graduate Student, Spanish

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s in Spanish Secondary Education with a minor in English as a Second Language (ESL). Currently, I am pursuing my Master’s in Foreign Languages and Cultures with an emphasis in Spanish here at Washington State University. I was born and raised in Spokane, WA where I grew up in a Russian community. My parents are from the former Soviet Union and came to the United States fleeing a communist regime. As young adults they had to learn a new language, mold into another culture, and create a new life for themselves. Through their life experiences, I learned that hard work really does pay off. We are all given various opportunities to excel and make a difference in this world. So, take charge of those experiences and learn all you can to get through them. Somebody will be there to help you along the way. Other than attending universities, my life consists of going on missionary trips to Mexico. There I interpret for various pastors and speakers, visit orphanages and schools, and go to remote areas that are underdeveloped. Experiencing different cultures and countries helps you appreciate what you have. You also learn that there are other people in this world who live a completely different life than you do. Perhaps, an even harder life filled with poverty, destitution, and disease. Nevertheless, they are still happy and thankful for what they have.

Office: Thompson Hall 205

Telephone: 509-335-4277


Fall 2017 Office Hours:
TWTh 2pm-3pm & by appointment