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German language students watched “Comedian Harmonists”

"Students at German film night 2019."German language students crowded into a classroom to watch the film, “Comedian Harmonists.”

The 25 students learned about the true story of the sextet called The Comedian Harmonists. A sextet is one piano player and five singers.

The sextet performed before World War II. They formed in 1927 and disbanded in 1934 because three members were of Jewish heritage and were forbidden to perform under Hitler, Karen Jennings, instructor of German. said.

They were well-known in Germany and Europe and even performed in the US.  Their name is still relatively well-known in Germany today, Karen said.

Two faculty and two instructors from the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race present at Cine-Lit 9 conference

"Vilma and Lucrecia Martel."
Dr. Vilma Navarro-Daniels (right) and Lucrecia Martel, an Argentine female film director, screenwriter, and producer, (left).

On Mar. 11, Maria Serenella Previto (Sere), clinical associate professor of Italian and Spanish, and Dr. Vilma Navarro-Daniels, assistant director of undergraduate studies and associate professor of Spanish and American studies, presented their works at Cine-Lit 9 conference. Amanda Hussein, adjunct instructor of Spanish, and Maria Eugenia Sileoni (Eugenia), instructor of Spanish, also presented their works at the conference.

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Filmabend provides German film for students

"German language students at Filmabend."

On Feb. 7, Karen Jennings, instructor of German, hosted the film Jenseits der Stille (Beyond Silence). All German language students were invited to attend the showing. The German 102 students who came had to write a summary of the film for class. Jenseits der Stille is about a woman in Germany who decides to study music in Berlin after growing up with deaf parents.