SLCR Lecture Series

The Lecture Series in the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race was created in an effort to connect faculty in the School with faculty in other academic units on campus who are doing research on similar topics but from their respective disciplines. The idea is to put their works in conversation and to highlight scholarly connections and research convergences. It is a way of showing that you can (and should) look at a “problem/issue/idea” from different angles in order to get a better, more complete understanding of the problem/issue/idea. The lecture series is premised on interdisciplinarity (or transdisciplinarity) and on transdisciplinary exchanges, cooperation, and collaboration.

In October 2021, SLCR had the fourth installment of its lecture series, featuring its director, Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo (professor of CES and American Studies and Culture) and Matt Sutton (chair and professor of History). Their talks were created with the topic of identity and identity categories in mind.

Matt Sutton

Matt Sutton in front of a slide screen with text on it.

Berry Family Distinguished Professor in the Liberal Arts; Chair,
History Department
Wilson-Short Hall 352
509-335-8374  |

Professor Sutton teaches courses in 20th-century United States history, cultural history, and religious history. The title of his presentation was Religious Identity Matters, But not as Much as I Used to Think: Trump, Race, Gender, and the Long History of Evangelical Politics.

Click here to learn more about Prof. Sutton’s research. 

Carmen Lugo-Lugo

Carmen Lugo-Lugo wearing a KN-95 mask and addressing a room.

Director, School of Languages, Cultures, & Race;
Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies;
Professor of American Studies and Culture
Thompson Hall 110B | 509-335-6173

Professor Lugo-Lugo teaches about the relationship between social markers and identities (such as gender, race/ethnicity, class, nationality, sexuality, etc.), privilege, power, and the resulting unequal distribution of resources.

The title of her presentation was Identities and the Matter of Choice (or More Simply, All Identities are Chosen… with Consequences).

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