2019 Award Ceremony recognizes scholarship recipients

"Meet the Scholarship Recipients."

On April 22, the school recognized SLCR students for their academic excellence with outstanding student awards, outstanding senior awards, and scholarships. Learn more about the school’s scholarship recipients below! Thank you to our generous donors who create scholarship opportunities for the SLCR students. A brief article will be out soon on the outstanding student awards and outstanding senior awards.

"Tholen Blasko.""Trinity Pierce.""Madelyn Kirsh.""Margaret Cory.""Gillian Freeby.""Laura Bate.""Yissel Zazueta.""Gabriel Robinson.""Luis Ortiz Rodriguez.""Saige Forbush.""Emma Spring.""Katherine Ayala Torres.""Ciana Gitre.""Julia Damon.""Riley Shultz.""Nicolette Dixon.""Allison Thurston.""Adam Hureau.""Cooper Condill.""Anika Ophus.""Eleanor Albrecht.""Bonnie McRae.""Stephen Kragen.""Rachel Lambert."