“A Nadie le Importa el Cielo Nocturno” by Maria Adare


"A Nadie le Importa el Cielo Nocturno" cover“Cuando una persona decide poner fin a una amistad, muchas veces es una decisión unilateral. La otra persona puede quedarse confundida y sin ninguna idea de lo que pasó para que termine la relación. Así fue para mí.”

“When a person decides to put an end to a friendship, it is often a one-sided decision. The other person can be left confused and without any idea what they did to dissolve the relationship. And so it was for me.”

-“A Nadie le Importa el Cielo Nocturno,” Maria Adare (with editor’s translation)

At the end of last year, former alumna Maria Adare released her first collection of all-Spanish poetry, “A Nadie le Importa el Cielo Nocturno.” Graduating in 1979 from the Department of Foreign Language and Culture (known now as the School of Language, Culture, and Race), Adare’s time at WSU and experiences abroad have culminated into a series of simple but haunting reflections on the many quiet ways a soul can transform. 

Maria Adare“WSU was certainly the springboard for my life abroad and my love for languages and cultures. While at WSU, I was a student and then a teaching assistant in Thompson Hall. As a double major in French and Spanish, I was anxious to use my skills by living in countries where those languages are spoken and to immerse myself in those cultures. Having been lucky enough to live for many years in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and Japan, it has truly been a dream come true.

Always working with words, changing languages and writing whenever possible, I suddenly found myself with a cache of letters/poems. With friendly encouragement, I decided to finally do something with them and not just leave them forever in my computer. That is how the book came about. It is a true labor of love in all of its forms, from the ideas, feelings, word selection, verb tenses, and every accent mark, it was a wonderful project to complete. It felt like I was back at WSU using my dictionaries and having project deadlines. Really a fun challenge.

I hope you read the book and can relate to the spirit in which it was written, feelings I think all humans have at one time or another, and appreciate the intent to convey those feelings. Go Cougs!”

Adare’s work is available on Amazon in both digital and paperback format at Amazon here.

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