Maria Eugenia Sileoni, instructor of Spanish, interpreted pro bono for Engineers Without Borders at WSU

"Flyer for Engineers Without Borders WSU."On Feb. 15, Maria Eugenia Sileoni (Eugenia), instructor of Spanish, interpreted pro bono for a Native American man from Panama at the Dinner and Auction hosted by Engineers Without Borders at WSU. Pro bono work is professional work done for a client without pay.

A student in her Reading and Translation asked her if she would be interested in doing pro bono work for the silent auction. This was the first time Eugenia attended a silent auction and worked pro bono.

“I’ve never attended a silent auction in my life. That was new to me,” Eugenia said.

Eugenia agreed to interpret for the event out of her love for the student because it’s a good student that she admires. Eugenia also wanted to interpret because she identifies as Costa Rican, which is close to the Panamanian culture, she said.

“I have friends from Panama. So I felt like I would like to welcome this Panamanian person,” Eugenia said.

On the day she interpreted, Eugenia had also worked from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. teaching her classes and being at office hours. She interpreted around 8:45 p.m. for the Native American man.