Two faculty and two instructors from the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race present at Cine-Lit 9 conference

"Vilma and Lucrecia Martel."
Dr. Vilma Navarro-Daniels (right) and Lucrecia Martel, an Argentine female film director, screenwriter, and producer, (left).

On Mar. 11, Maria Serenella Previto (Sere), clinical associate professor of Italian and Spanish, and Dr. Vilma Navarro-Daniels, assistant director of undergraduate studies and associate professor of Spanish and American studies, presented their works at Cine-Lit 9 conference. Amanda Hussein, adjunct instructor of Spanish, and Maria Eugenia Sileoni (Eugenia), instructor of Spanish, also presented their works at the conference.

Amanda presented “Salvar a Doña Marina”.

Eugenia presented “Animal symbolism for the Intersexual Self-Affirmation on Lucia Puenzo’s  XXY”.

Sere presented “Hablar en el silencio: The Shape of Water (2017) de Guillermo del Toro”.

"Vilma presenting her work with film in background."

Vilma also presented her work, “Transgender-Transgenre: Mutations of the Forgotten Voices in Sebastián Lelio’s ‘A Fantastic Woman’ (2017)”.

Their presentations were two of the many in the three-day long conference. The international conference on Hispanic film and fiction, Cine-Lit 9, provides the opportunity for professors and students to share their research on Hispanic cinema and literature. Professors and students could participate in workshops, table discussions, and listen to keynote speakers.

This event was organized by the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and Portland State University. Read more about the importance and history of this event.

Edit: Information about Amanda Hussein and Maria Eugenia Sileoni presentations were added to this article Mar. 25 and 26. The title was changed to include the two instructors.