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School of Languages, Cultures, and Race College of Arts and Sciences

Advanced Placement

In collaboration with the Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar, the School has established a process of awarding advanced placement credits for prior knowledge of a foreign language.

For example, students who place in a higher level course such as Japanese 203 in their first course at WSU, and receive a grade of B or better, can earn credits for Japanese 101 and Japanese 102.

Credits earned through AP and/or CLEP are subject to the lower division credit limitations (e.g., a maximum of 8 credits).

Earning Departmental Advanced Placement Credits

Students may earn up to 8 Advanced Placement Credits by placing into their first foreign language course at WSU above 101 and getting a “B” or better. The initial course must be the first course taken in that language at WSU.

Students cannot not earn duplicate credit for courses already earned by transfer or College Board Advanced Placement exams,

Advanced placement courses earned through the School are not assigned a letter grade. Instead, they are assigned an “S” grade for satisfactory, and do not configure into the student’s GPA.


  • Take FREN 102 (Second Semester French) & get a B or better
    • Earn 4 credits for 102 PLUS 4 AP credits for FREN 101
      TOTAL 8 credits
  • Take GER 203 (Third Semester German) & get a B or better
    • Earn 4 credits for 203 PLUS 4 AP credits for GER 102
      PLUS 4 AP credits for GER 101
      TOTAL 12 credits
  • Take CHIN 204 (Fourth Semester Chinese) & get a B or better
    • Earn 4 credits for 204 PLUS 4 AP credits for CHIN 203
      PLUS 4 AP credits for CHIN 102
      TOTAL 12 credits
  • Take SPAN 407 (Fourth Semester Spanish) & get a B or better
    • Earn 3 credits for 307 PLUS 1 AP credit for SPAN 305
      PLUS 4 AP credits for SPAN 204
      TOTAL 12 credits

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