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School of Languages, Cultures, and Race College of Arts and Sciences

Foreign Language Placement Testing

Placement Test Information and Guidelines


Incoming students wishing to take any foreign language course in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish past the first semester level (101), must be placed into the appropriate level language course before they can enroll.

  • Non-native speakers of these languages and heritage/native speakers of Spanish take an online proctored placement exam (see instructions below) to determine language level placement.
  • Heritage speakers and native speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian and Japanese are encouraged to contact the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race to discuss placement by e-mail.  Contact Laurie Heustis,  Foreign Languages Advisor.
Language Placement Exam Information
  • These online, proctored exams can be taken anywhere at the convenience for the student, and generally take between 30-60 minutes to complete. Students may only take the exam one time, and so are encouraged to carefully read all instructions and other exam materials carefully.
  • The cost of the exam is $19.90 for regular placement exams and $29.90 for the Spanish heritage language exam and are purchased through the website listed below in the Exam Instructions.
Test Taker Guide

We highly suggest that you review the proctored Test Taker guide to familiarize yourself with remote proctored requirements:

Exam Instructions – Setting up a Proctoring Exam Session
  • To begin the process and payment for the exam, go to:
  • After you enter your payment information, remember to use your WSU student email address when making the purchase,  You will then be sent an email receipt,  and a separate email with a link for the testing process.
    • This link will be sent to your email so check your spam/junk mail folders.
    • Should you not receive an email, please contact Avant Assessment Support at
  • Once you have self-registered using the link from the Avant email, you will receive further instructions via email including instructions on setting up a testing profile and picking a day/time to test in the proctoring system.
Exam Instructions – The Day of the Test
  • Once the testing day/time has arrived, you will need to follow that same link sent to you after the self-registration process to begin the proctoring session.
  • After you have been checked in by the proctor, click “Start New Test”
  • Create a unique login name and write it down – we suggest using your WSU ID. This login name will allow you to come back and resume your test if you are interrupted for any reason. Since you have to use your 9-digit WSU ID on the next screen, it may be best to use this number as your Login Name as well.
  • Next, create your profile by entering the information requested.
    • PLEASE NOTE that for the Test Taker ID you must enter your 9-digit WSU ID Number, including the zero at the beginning.
    • If you do not use your correct WSU ID number, your results will not be available for placement in mywsu.
    • Email – This should be your WSU Email, not your personal Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Complete the Language Skill Evaluation as honestly as you can. This will provide you with the most accurate starting point for the system to measure your language proficiency.
  • Follow the instructions to complete each additional section of the exam, then log out of the exam.
  • IMPORTANT:  The proctor will be available via chat but will not communicate any information to you in regards to the test or sections on the test. If there is any issue with the test, please contact Avant Assessment Support at .
Support from Avant Assessment:

At any time you encounter a problem with the process, or have any other questions about technology required or protocols, please contact Avant Support:

Your Score

Your exam score will not be viewable to you through Avant’s website, nor be sent to your WSU e-mail.    Your score will not be immediately available to you, it will be available on myWSU to your advisor approximately a week after you take the exam.

Your score expires in one year.  The score has a limit of one year to enroll in a language class at WSU; otherwise, the exam must be taken again to determine proficiency level.


How do I find my score on myWSU?

If your score is above the 101 level, please contact Laurie Heustis, foreign languages advisor for enrollment into the course you have placed into.

EXAM Score ACTFL Level ILR Level Course Placement
6 Advanced 2 306, 307 or 308
5* Intermediate-High 1+ 204, 306, 307, 308
5 Intermediate-Mid 1+ 204
4* Intermediate-Low 1 204
4 Intermediate-Low 1 203
3* Novice-High 0+ 203
3 Novice-High 0+ 203
2* Novice-Mid 0 102
2 Novice-Mid 0 102
1 Novice-Low 0 101


If you need additional assistance, please contact the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race:  by phone at 509-335-4135 or by email at


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