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School of Languages, Cultures, and Race College of Arts and Sciences

Message from the Director

Welcome to the 2023-2024 academic year.  I am excited to start my term as interim director of the School of Languages, Culture, and Race.  Having been at WSU for over twenty years, and seen changes and challenges, what has remained consistent is the thoughtfulness of our students, our amazing faculty, and the transformative classroom experiences that we offer within the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race.  Now having the opportunity to build with faculty and students toward the fulfillment of our collective purpose, I enter the year with hope and renewed optimism about our collective potential.  Despite the difficulties near and far, what will continue to propel our work is US; our shared commitment to our students, to our work, to impacting campus and community through expanding critical literacy around language, culture, and race, and to each other. Without our students, the faculty, staff, alumni, campus collaborators, and supporters, we are incapable of fulfilling our promise. I look forward to working with you because without you our future will not be what it could be.  The power rests with us and I am honored to be part of this community.

David Leonard