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Program Information

The French program at WSU not only provides a comprehensive and practical understanding and use of the French language but also develops intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and an appreciation of the humanistic context of international, especially French-speaking, cultures. Our program includes language courses from beginning to advanced levels, as well as courses on French and Francophone literature, film, and culture, all taught by native or near-native French speakers.

Students may choose from a B.A. in Foreign Languages with an emphasis in French in either the Language (non-teaching) Option or the Teaching Option. The Language Option includes a comprehensive language training complemented by courses in French and Francophone literature, film, and culture. The Teaching Option is intended for students wishing to teach French in the public-school system. Students may also choose to complete a professional second major in French. The focus of this degree is to provide students with linguistic and cultural skills necessary to work, collaborate or interact with French counterparts in a professional setting.

The French program also offers three minor degrees: the French Language Minor, the French for Design & Merchandising Minor, and the French Area & Culture Studies Minor. The first minor focuses on the study of French language; the second is designed for students majoring in Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textile (AMDT) and who wish to work in France or with French counterparts; the third one includes language at the 203 level; courses taught in English in French literature, film and culture.

For any of these degrees, students are strongly encouraged to contact our academic advisor or any faculty mentor in our program.

Students who have studied French in high school or elsewhere are advised to take our Online Placement Test. Depending on their score, they may be placed in a course higher than the entry-level course and be eligible for Advanced Placement Credits if they receive a “B” or better in their first French course at WSU.

A limited number of credits may also be applied from study abroad to the major or minor in French. Students who want to study abroad in a French-speaking region are advised to start French language study at WSU as early as possible, preferably in the freshman year and to join a program abroad during the junior year. Good progress also should be made on completing UCORE and major core courses prior to the study abroad experience.

Study Abroad

We are happy to announce the faculty-led study abroad program to Paris, France with Clinical Assistant Professor Insook Webber will be offered!

Layered with both history and all things avant-garde and ultramodern, Paris retains an enduring prestige through the ages. The 6-week immersive study program will be centrally located within proximity of Paris’ most renowned cultural, artistic, and academic institutions.

To enhance students’ academic experience, this program offers dynamic cultural activities that includes neighborhood walking tours, visits to world famous museums such as the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou, and opportunities to explore what is up and coming as well as to attend a ballet at the Opéra Garnier.

For more information on other study abroad programs, visit the Office of International Programs Study Abroad Programs.

Meet Our French Program Faculty


For more information about the French Program at WSU, please contact and/or make an appointment with Laurie Heustis, advisor, at 509-335-8731 or