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School of Languages, Cultures, and Race College of Arts and Sciences

Guidelines for Faculty Performing Translation and Interpretation Services

(Updated March, 2019)

The following guidelines have been established for the purpose of providing a framework consistent with the WSU Faculty Manual and a reference that can assist faculty members wishing to engage in professional (i.e., paid) written translation and/or spoken interpretation activities.


The WSU Faculty Manual provides clear regulations regarding compensated activities outside of a faculty member’s regular service load.  Performing translations falls under this category if::

  • The translation/interpretation request comes from within WSU, either from an administrator or a colleague.
  • The translation/interpretation request comes from a third party which contacted SLCR or the faculty member through his/her affiliation with WSU.
  • The document to be translated requires the School’s official stamp.

Such cases constitute consulting activities which must abide by the regulations found in section IV.D of the WSU Faculty Manual. Relevant regulations from this section include:

  1. (b) Outside work must not interfere with a faculty member’s normal official University duties, including those non-classroom responsibilities expected of all faculty members.
  2. (e) Full-time faculty are allowed to spend the equivalent of one day per week in outside work for each week worked equivalent to the entire year of employment. All outside work must be disclosed promptly and reported annually by the faculty member to the department Chair or comparable unit administrator. Such work by a department Chair or Dean must be reported to the Provost.
  3. (f) University facilities (equipment, materials, space, or clerical service) may not be used in connection with compensated outside professionally related service work.
  4. (g) The University assumes no responsibility for the competence or performance of a faculty member who engages in outside work for compensation.


To assist SLCR faculty members and those requesting their services in determining the potential cost of a particular translation or interpretation job, minimum rates are given below.

Written Translation

The following translation rates should be applied for non-specialized translations. In case of specialized texts, the translator must assess the added difficulty and time and estimate a higher rate accordingly.

  • $0.15/word
  • $50/hour

Spoken Interpretation

For interpretation services, rates will vary between $50-$100/hour, depending on specialization. If travel outside the immediate Pullman/Moscow area is required, faculty will be paid the equivalent of the standard state reimbursement rate per mile traveled.

Pro-Bono Work

Should SLCR faculty members wish to provide pro-bono translation services to individuals and/or non-profit organizations, they may choose to do so as long as they abide by the regulations laid out in section IV.D of the WSU Faculty Manual, as service to the community.

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