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Francisco Manzo-Robledo, Ph.D.

Francisco Manzo
Professor of Spanish and American Studies and Culture, Graduate Director of Hispanic Studies
Academic Degrees

PhD in Philosophy
Arizona State University, Latin American Literature, 1999
Washington State University, Civil Engineering, Structures, 1980

Research Interests

Spanish Latin American literature, cinema and culture

Conferences / Publications

Conference presentations and published essays on diverse literature texts from Latin America and Spain; cinema from Latin America.

Published Books (written in Spanish, otherwise noted; see personal website listed one the right column):

  1. A short novel
  2. A collection of short stories
  3. Homophobic Discourses in Mexican literature
  4. Colonial Discourses
  5. From Spanish Romance to Mexican Corridos
  6. Hernán Cortés and his (second) Trial of Residency (English and Spanish version)
  7. The 1692 pulque Tumult in Mexico City
  8. Translation: Albert Einstein’s life

At the present, he is working on a book about the Pecado Nefando in colonial Latin America.

Francisco Manzo-Robledo

Phone: (509) 335-4612
Office: Thompson Hall 224C
Personal Website