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Insook Webber, Ph.D.

Insook Webber
Assistant Professor of French, Career Track

Webber has a PhD in French from the University of Washington.  Her dissertation titled “Valéry, His Context and Legacy” analyzes Paul Valéry’s oeuvre in relation to his contemporary thinkers, such as Freud and Bergson, as well as his influence on French thinkers become prominent after WWII.

Research Interests

20-21st century French literature.

Work in Progress

Marie NDiaye. Winner (2009) of France’s most prestigious literary prize, ‘Prix Goncourt,’ NDiaye is little known in the US beyond the specialists. This study aims to analyze NDiaye’s fictional portrayal of the situation of French-born, non-white, or mixed-race, protagonists, especially women, in contemporary French society.


Refereed Articles

Book Review

  • Galster, Ingrid. Sartre sous l’Occupation et après: Nouvelles mises au point. Paris: L’Harmattan, 2014. French Studies (2015) 69 (3): 412-413.


Insook Webber

Office: Thompson 101G
Telephone: (509) 335-0397

Courses Taught
  • Beginning to advanced French language
  • French 110 (French & Francophone Cinema)
  • French 320 (La France contemporaine)
  • French 350 (Introduction à la littérature française)
  • French 410 (French Cinema in Translation)
  • French 450 (Special Topics in French Literature)