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Charles A. Ross

Charles Allen Ross is a 2020 graduate from Allegheny College where he majored in Community and Justice Studies with an emphasis on  Multicultural Education. In addition to obtaining his bachelors he also received two minors in Educational Studies and Theater. Using his interdisciplinary background and his experiences as a Black male student-athlete, Ross investigates some of the common obstacles in place that prevent Black male student-athletes from graduating at rates that are equal to other college students. He is also interested in the strategies used by successful Black male student-athletes and Black non-student-athletes to overcome those obstacles and the ways in which educators can be proactive in removing these educational obstacles. He is especially interested in examining informal networks that support Black male students.  With, these questions in mind Ross has written and presented several projects that begin to examine and answer some of these questions. Some of those projects are listed below. 


“Fouling Out: A Community Reflection on the Academic Ejection of Black Male Student-Athletes.”

“Blaxploitation in the 21st Century Collegiate Athletics: An Analysis of the Effects of Controlling Images on Black Male Division I Student-Athletes.”

“Straight Outta Ann Arbor: A Critical Analysis of the Multifaceted Identities of Black Male Student-Athletes.”  

Charles A. Ross