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Charles ToyeCharles Toye

Graduate Student, Spanish

Charles Toye was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He started his undergraduate career at Arizona State University and finished at Fort Lewis College in southern Colorado, where he received a B.A. in Spanish and a minor in Chemistry. In 2017, Charles had the opportunity to travel to Spain, a trip that ultimately shaped his desire to pursue a master’s degree in Hispanic studies. He is passionate about foreign language acquisition and foreign language instruction and subsequently aspires to use his master’s to teach language at a European university. The summer of 2018, he had the opportunity to work as an interpreter and translator at a non-profit organization called Comunidad Integrada. This work instilled in him a deep appreciation for the role of communication in the human condition. Ultimately, he aspires to use his travel, instruction, and academic experiences to pursue a career in medicine.



Office: Thompson Hall 219

Telephone: (509) 335-5092