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School of Languages, Cultures, and Race College of Arts and Sciences

Meet Our LLRC Language Tutors

April Almanza

Majors:  Pre-Nursing and Spanish
Tutoring for: Spanish

Learning a new language is like gaining a new superpower – you gain the ability to communicate with more people allowing you to learn about them, their culture, and more!  As humans, language is a key factor in how we interact and communicate with one another.  By learning more languages we can expand our brains and knowledge outside of what we know and grew up with.

Kelsi Detlaff

Major:  Fine Arts  Minor:  Chinese

Tutoring for: Chinese

Learning a foreign language is a great way to connect with new people, learn to see the world from new perspectives, and have fun. Studying a foreign language presents our minds with a unique challenge, and exposure to other cultures provides us an opportunity to experience something new and exciting, as well as to gain a better understanding of the people we share our lives and world with.

Mark Pearson

Major:  Economics, French

Minor:  Spanish

Tutoring for: Spanish

Learning a foreign language opens doors to new opportunities, not only in one’s career but in an individual’s personal growth as well. Understanding the differences between cultures and having the capacity to relate to those different from yourself is an incredibly enriching skill. Personally speaking, I would have never made many lifelong friendships if it were not for my desire to learn languages. After all, you never know what’s out there until you explore it on your own.

Emma Hedberg

Major:  History; Minor:  French
Tutoring for: French

“Language is the road map of a culture.  It tells you where its people com from and where they are going.”  Rita Mae Brown

Ryoga Morisaki

Major:  Business; Minor: Spanish
Tutoring for: Japanese

My first language is Japanese.  While you are learning languages, you are also learning cultures, too.  You will find new perspectives from other cultures and be able to see your culture, your language, and yourself objectively by learning languages.

Michael Webster

Major:  History; German
Tutoring for: German

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