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Charles A. Ross

Charles Allen Ross is a graduate of Allegheny College. Charles graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Community and Justice Studies with a focus in Multicultural Education. In addition to his Bachelor’s, Charles obtained two minors in Educational Studies and Theater respectively.

Currently, Charles is a Ph.D.Student in the American Studies and Culture Program at Washington State University. Charles approaches his research as an Afro-Pessimism Scholar to examine the production of Black art, primarily hip-hop music and Black theater, to explore how they are used to act as agents of social healing.  His latest project analyzes the music video titled Entrepreneur. In this analysis, Charles explores the intersection of Black entrepreneurship and activism. Looking at this intersection Charles coins the trope ‘Black Capitalist Activism,’ which can be used to examine the potential use of capitalism in the quest for social healing in the era of Trump.

Charles serves as the Smart Start Program Retention Counselor. In this capacity, Charles works as a mentor, advisor, and as an educator as he teaches the program sponsored courses titled University 295 Models of Leadership and University 101 Major Exploration and Career Choices. Ultimately, in his academic and professional roles, Charles works diligently to create spaces for the voices to be heard who have historically been silenced by rethinking ideas of leadership.

Select Public Scholarship

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Charles A. Ross