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Kyle Serrott

Kyle Serrott (he/him/his) hails from the Appalachia region of Southeast Ohio and is a first year doctoral student in the American Studies and Culture program at WSU. His research interests include federal Indian law and policy, citizenship, assimilation, and settler-colonialism.

He hopes to do his doctoral work around the relational formation of race through citizenship policy during the assimilation era. Additionally, Kyle is working on a project about racial gaslighting in police brutality litigation, as well as a project about hegemonic masculinity and sexual harassment theory.

Kyle received a Master’s Degree in Political Science from Ohio University in 2021 (American Politics concentration) as well as graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Kyle also has a Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree from Ohio University (2015). Kyle has worked in a number of legal aid organizations and is passionate about expanding access to legal systems and resources for vulnerable populations. He is a sudoku addict and enjoys kayaking.


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Kyle Serrott

Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
Thompson Hall 219
509 335 5092