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School of Languages, Cultures, and Race College of Arts and Sciences

FOR_LANG 495: Internship


Internship Coordinator Contact Info

Laurie Heustis
Internship and Experiential Learning Coordinator
School of Languages, Cultures, & Race; 509-335-8713; CUE 502

About the For_Lang 495 Internship…


The For_Lang 495 internship is a variable credit course (1-6) Cooperative Education Internship partnering with academic, business, industry or government units.  The internship was created for the purpose of allowing students to undertake internship opportunities where their foreign/second language skills and knowledge are put into practice outside the classroom, and have these count as part of their program of studies at the home university or education abroad.

During this internship, the student will have the opportunity to gain more experience in activities that will support specific interests in career opportunities and global issues.