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Adding an Input Language – Windows 7/8

The following symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your screen may indicate you have other language keyboards installed on your system. If you do not see it, don’t worry, we will fix that. These instructions and images are for Windows 7 but Windows 8 instructions are very similar.

English Keyboard icon on Windows Taskbar
Illustration 1
You can cycle through the various keyboards by using the key command ALT+SHIFT (or WINDOWS KEY+SPACE). If you have a Chinese keyboard installed, you might see something like this:

Chinese Language icons on Windows Taskbar

Illustration 2
To install a new input language, follow the next steps.

1. Open your control panel. This can be done from Start -> Control Panel or you can type into a Windows File Explorer location bar, “Control Panel.”

Windows Control Panel

Illustration 3

2. Under “Clock, Language, and Region” click on “Change keyboards or other input methods.”

Windows Control Panel

Illustration 4

3. Then click the “Change keyboards…” button.
Windows Region and Language menu
Illustration 5

4. Then click the “Add…” button.
Windows Text Services and Input Languages
Illustration 6

5. Mark the check box for the desired language and click OK till you have closed all the windows. You should now have the new keyboard installed.
Windows Add Input Languages
Illustration 7